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Are you looking for quick answers to the most important questions about our products? Then you are in the right place. On this page you will find a list of the most frequent questions and answers sorted by our product portfolio.

EDM filters and consumables

Try our product filter on our website, it is very helpful. If you need wire EDM filters, can get to it by clicking here. If you need sinker EDM filters, can get to it by clicking here. You may also contact our professional team for further inquiries.

ANKOK EDM FILTER achieve a higher filtration precision and longer service time in spark erosion compared to other suppliers in after-sales market. This increases the efficiency and profitability of your EDM processes. ANKOK EDM filters help you achieve higher cutting speed, excellent surface finish quality, stable conductivity of the dielectric, optimization of the ion exchange resin consumption and reduce machine wear. Quality, economy and productivity therefore go hand in hand when using ANKOK EDM filters.

We rely exclusively on the use of high-quality filtration media – systematically and without compromise, our filter paper suppliers include HV, AWA and AHLSTROM-MUNKSJO. We also used the AP glue with more viscosity to make sure the filter papers could be fixed in filter more lasting.

We are proud to being your one stop EDM consumables supplier, at ANKOK, you can find almost all kinds of EDM consumables you need for your EDM machines, no matter what machine maker is. Here, you can find EDM brass wire, molybdenum wire, EDM electrodes tubes, and spare parts, such as wire guide, power feed contact, water nozzle, roller, etc.

Since the foundation of the company, quality has been a top priority. With this, we attach great importance to the quality of our products and services. Every parts and materials will be carefully checked by the storage management personnel and damaged products will be removed to make sure the quality of each product is perfect.

Home water filters

A spin-down sediment water filter is made to capture large particulates like sand or rust chunks from a decomposing well. It’s designed to trap large chunks of debris and sand.

Water comes in the top of a spin-down filter and spins in a centrifugal motion. The design of the head diverts water into the chamber in a fashion that circulates the water through the filter housing. With centrifugal force, the dirt and debris are pushed to the outside of the clear housing and allowed to settle in the bottom. You periodically open the valve to release all of that dirt and debris from the housing.

All ANKOK spin-down filters and sediment traps remove is sediment. The filters come in a variety of screen mesh. Mesh refers to how many holes or openings (picture a screen door) are in a square inch. A thousand-mesh filter has one thousand small holes in one square inch of material, which is equal to about 15 microns. ANKOK filters go all the way up to 24 mesh, which is close to 711 microns. What mesh size you need depends on the kind of debris you’re dealing with. Sometimes, you may have to experiment with a different mesh size to capture the type of debris in your water.

The head goes on to your plumbing, and the type of connection you need is based on the size of the head. Typically, you install a spin-down sediment filter right after the pressure tank on a well system. Or, you may install it before a whole house filtration system in an area where you get a lot of debris out of the city water supply. ANKOK sediment filter should be the first filter for a water treatment plan on either application.

Losing water pressure after installation could mean many things. Maybe you didn’t have a lot of water pressure or flow, to begin with. The slight restriction that happens in any type of filter will reduce the flow rate slightly. It may even result in some pressure loss, but typically, not a significant amount. If you experience a large pressure loss on installation, something’s up. The problem could result from improper installation or something in the water clogging the screen. Typically, pressure drop and flow reduction on a new installation are marginal.

ANKOK Services

ANKOK has OEM business with global filtration market leaders and producers of EDM machines. And this also defines the quality and performance of ANKOK products. So OEM service is a definitely yes.

If you have further questions about our products and services, please feel free to contact us.