High Reliability Mitsubishi Wire EDM Filters With Global Footprint

Ankok manufacture and distribute EDM filters and spare parts for a variety of industries including commercial and military aerospace, medical, industrial, and marine. We can fulfill large orders as well as have the flexibility to fulfill and specialize in low-volume, high-reliability, and high-mix orders, and deliver high-quality products on time, every time. Comprehensive EDM filters and spare parts inventories mean there is no need to seek out multiple vendors. Our global network of suppliers have helped us earn preferred supplier status among vendors looking for leading Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) quality EDM filters.

Our Mitsubishi Wire EDM Filters powerness

Mitsubishi wire EDM machines feature user-friendly controls and internal designs that minimize downtime and reduce wear and tear for lower maintenance costs. The no-contact design of the cylindrical drive motor eliminates wear, cogging, and backlash for improved accuracy, speed, and energy efficiency.

So is Mitsubishi wire EDM filters replacement required?

EDM filters are specialty products manufactured to be consumed by EDMs during the machining process. Because they have a short life span, they are typically purchased in large quantities. EDM filters remove particles from the air, helping protect EDMs from contamination. Without proper filtration, contamination can affect the performance of the EDM and reduce production time.

Mitsubishi wire EDM filters will get clogged or require replacement after continuous use over a period of time. Look no further than Ankok for your requirement of a replacement Mitsubishi wire EDM filters.

We rely exclusively on the use of high-quality filtration media – systematically and without compromise, our filter paper suppliers include HV, AWA and AHLSTROM-MUNKSJO. We also use AP glue with more viscosity to make sure the filter papers fixed in filter are more lasting. Remember low-cost EDM filters may be appealing in the short term, but in actuality they can end up being very costly. That’s because filters significantly impact machine efficiency and longevity.

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