Let’s Learn More About Our Sodick EDM Filters

In the field of EDM, the limits of what is technically possible are constantly being redefined. The quality of the machined parts which can be realised is closely connected to the means of production and process technology. High quality EDM results require fine adjustment of the machining parameters and the use of materials especially designed for the process.

Here we speak about Sodick EDM filters by Ankok

What are the qualities of a highly efficient EDM Filter?

  • Higher cutting speeds
  • Erode directly to the final dimension
  • Reduction of secondary erosion operation
  • Higher quality surface finish
  • Improved workpiece tolerance
  • Stable conductivity
  • Optimisation of the ionising resin consumption
  • Reduced machine wear
  • Reduction of maintenance costs

Ankok – Most Trusted Sodick EDM Filters manufacturer and distributor

For years Ankok has pioneered as a local support system for the Electrical Discharge Machining community. Spreading our locality from East to West, we quickly became the most trusted manufacturer and distributor of all branded EDM filters and have remained so for decades.

We now boast of our presence through our sales partner in 8 international locations. Our representatives in every location is ready to give expert technical advice, respond quickly to your sales needs and provide you with outstanding customer service with a quick turnaround time on the products you order.

Our customers demand the highest quality products, and we make sure that’s what you receive.

Does Ankok’s Sodick EDM filter have the highly efficient qualities?

  • Good precision
  • Long service life
  • International standard filtration paper and glue
  • Reasonable, competitive price
  • Flexible and controllable lead time
  • First class service

Something’s to know before placing a Sodick EDM filter order with us:

  • Based on quantity, specifications and our production situation, we can deliver in 5-20 days after receiving deposit
  • Till date there has never been a quality problem feedback from our partners, but if there is a quality problem under normal use we will give you satisfactory after sales service.
  • We have a successful Sodick EDM filters product line which can match your specification requirement.

Get help with your latest Sodick EDM filter needs. Email or get in touch with us over call.

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