Mitsubishi EDM Filters That Saves Time And Money

Proper filtration can save EDM users money and time relating to production and maintenance.

What is the function of an EDM?

In a Wire EDM Machine, a thin metal wire, usually brass or stratified copper acts as the electrode to perform the cutting operation. As this wire erodes during the process, it’s continuously fed from a supply spool. The cutting process of wire EDM vaporizes material from both the wire electrode and the material being cut. These particles will vary in size depending on the type of workpiece material, wire type and power setting being used.

These sub-micron particles can rob a wire EDM of its top performance. The perceived cost savings from low-cost filters is actually resulting in bigger expenses by reducing cutting speeds, resulting in low-quality surface finishes, increasing wire breakages and accelerating wear on other machine components.

Further a high concentration of smaller particles that isn’t caught due to poor filter quality is then forced into the DI system, which is next in line after the filtration system. If the DI system is now acting as a particle filter, the structure of the bed is coated in dirt and cannot do the job it should be doing. This increased contamination results in shorter life span and production time due to an increased need for machine maintenance and repair.

The finer filtration produces cleaner EDM water to start with, less particulate is trapped in the DI systems, which are really designed to deionize the water, not filter out contamination.

Additionally, various other parts of the machine, such as wire guides, power contacts, water nozzles, rollers, filters, and seals, can require replacement over time due to wear and tear or to maintain optimal machine performance. However, each machine has its own requirement and we can manufacture Mitsubishi EDM filters as per customer’s requirements. For example, we have:


  • Wire EDM Filter Cartridges for MITSUBISHI, BROTHER
  • Item No.: A-20
  • Dimensions: Ø 300 x 500 mm
  • Centre tube connection: Ø 29 mm
  • Filter fineness: 5 – 7 μm
  • Equivalent Products: H 31 967/20, SW-20

Connect with us as we are happy to discuss your project and demonstrate how our Mitsubishi EDM filters can benefit your machine.

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