5 Recommendations For EDM Filter Maintenance By EDM Filter Manufacturer

High-performance EDM machines perform precision work in tool and mould making. Wear and machine downtimes cost manufacturers time and money. EDM filters from Ankok – EDM filter manufacturer are specially tailored to customer requirements and impress with their excellent dirt holding capacity, corrosion resistance and very long service life. EDM filters are mounted directly in the machines, reducing wear and tear and reducing downtime.


Proper filtration is the key. With the newest generators creating particulate in the 3 micron range, it is important that your filter media can clean these out. By using low cost filters that seem to last longer, you’ll find that you are starting to affect the speed and precision, and significantly shortening the life of expensive parts within the machine tool itself.

With years of experience as EDM filter manufacturers, our 5 recommendation for maintaining EDM filter

  1. Understand the work you’re doing – Filtration equipment is the heart of any EDM. Each filter media has a swell factor; when wet, the pores can shrink and actually deliver more filtration than what they are rated for.
  2. Don’t evaluate filter performance based on hours – Successful EDM filtration is simple – stick with quality filters and see your overall filtration costs come down.
  3. Consider the cause, not just the symptom – When machines aren’t working correctly, further inspection of the filters often makes it clear that the fix is much simpler than taking a machine offline for repair—or at least it could have been.
  4. Seek out “honest” filtration – Connect with us as we carry a full line of filter cartridges for your Agie, Charmilles, Fanuc, Makino, Mitsubishi, Sodick, and other wire or sinker EDM systems.
  5. Stick with OEM recommendations – Consumables like filters often are afterthoughts in the machining or fabrication shop, but that is a risky game to play, especially when it comes to the world of EDM. It may take a shift in mind-set and budget planning, but whatever short-term discomfort this may cause will be far outweighed by the long-term benefits and savings.

Contact us for a quote and include the product code of the filter you are interested in for more information. As a EDM filter manufacturers we are here to answer any questions or meet any special requests you may have.

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