6 Tips For Maintaining Well-Filtered EDM Liquid Using Ankok Wire EDM Filter

Filtering is necessary to remove the contaminants that the wire-EDM process leaves in the dielectric fluid. If left in the fluid, these contaminants can interfere with the electrical discharge between the wire and the work piece, reducing the quality and the speed of the cut. In practice, wire EDM filter is not replaced too often; one piece of EDM filter can be used for up to a month. However it should be noted that Wire cut EDM filters working life on water flooding EDM machines is shorter as compared with hanging EDM machines.

6 tips for maintaining well-filtered EDM liquid using Ankok Wire EDM filter:

  1. Understand the work you’re doing
  2. Don’t evaluate filter performance based on hours
  3. Mind your resin
  4. Consider the cause, not just the symptom
  5. Seek out quality filtration
  6. Stick with OEM recommendations

How to choose the correct wire EDM filter?

Material – EDM filters keep your technology clean and in good working order, even after long periods. Hence choose the right material depending on the machine type, setting pore size in the high precision range 3-5 µm & ensure high quality of glue.

Service life – A good EDM filter can be used more than 400 hours; though it’s fully dependent on many factors, such as filter material, machine type, maintenance interval, etc.

Cost – Price is a perennial subject in the business world. A high-quality filter can offer a competitive price, while a low-priced filter may not be of the highest quality.

Machine type – Filters used on immersion type machines have a shorter life span as compared to filters used in suspended type machines.

Design requirement – The weight of the filters you use should be more than the weight of the storage weight and the weight of the filter itself.

Points to ponder
The service life of filters will be shortened when the filter is intended to be used with a nonferrous metal, such as aluminium. This is due to the hydroxide content of the metal, which will cause the filter to be blocked at a faster rate than usual.

Consumables like wire EDM filters often are afterthoughts in the machining or fabrication shop, but that is a risky game to play. It may take a shift in mind set and budget planning, but whatever short-term discomfort this may cause will be far outweighed by the long-term benefits and savings.

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