8 Extensive Reasons To Procure Mitsubishi EDM Parts From Us

Electrical discharge machining, also known as spark machining, spark eroding, die sinking, wire burning or wire erosion, is a manufacturing process whereby a desired shape is obtained by using electrical discharges.

In a world that is only becoming more pricy and competitive every day, you need to know that the resources you utilize are there for you when you need it. For many years, Ankok has been consistently providing the industrial marketplace an alternative to higher priced OEM parts for EDM. Our knowledge and our commitment to service are unmatched across the world.

  1. We manufacture and supply EDM parts for Agie, Fanuc, Brother, Makino, Hitachi, Mitsubishi,  Seibu, Sodick, Charmilles, Chmer, and Japax EDM machines
  2. We offer wire and sinker EDM parts that are accurate, cost effective, and provide the best overall speed and performance.

If you are looking for a specific Mitsubishi EDM parts but you cannot find it, please fill in as many details as possible in the email and send it to us. Providing accurate and detailed information increases the chance that we can find the right product /solution for you. Our staffs are also capable of cross-referencing the Mitsubishi part numbers & will be glad to quickly quote on your requirements.

To assist you in consistently procuring top quality Mitsubishi EDM parts, Ankok has established a highly respected name in the EDM industry. We have:

  1. In house design and production facilities
  2. Extensive database of technical data to provide optimal advice
  3. Extensive quality control procedures which result in high quality products
  4. Mitsubishi EDM parts available
  5. Superior EDM supplies and consumables
  6. Worldwide distribution
  7. We use state of the art technology to manufacture Mitsubishi EDM parts to the exact quality standards.
  8. Quality service

See what our customer has to say:

“We have examined every brand thoroughly and to date, I’ve not found anything that is as accurate, easy to use and maintain and as fast as Mitsubishi EDM parts manufactured by Ankok. The price to performance ratio is absolutely the best.”

Ankok customers get the best of both worlds: a single source for a diverse arsenal of manufacturing technologies and our expansive and knowledgeable support network.

Trust our strength, excellent equipment, good products, low price and good service and let us become your Mitsubishi EDM parts supplier.

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