8 Reasons To Choose EDM Filter By Ankok

EDM refers to wire, sinker and small-hole electrical discharge machining (EDM). Considerations for EDM efficiency include depth, accuracy and finish, and components to consider include drives, generator, programming system and flushing. Other facets include wires, electrodes, graphite, EDM filter and fluids.
In order to produce a perfect finished product, EDM machines must always be kept clean to guarantee high levels of efficiency and precision when cutting materials.

Experienced users agree that an EDM filter is essential for fast and high-quality cutting as they are used to filter the water. So the precision of filtration paper is the key point to the quality. Good filters have special technology of folding paper and setting pore size in the high precision range to ensure filter effectively removes particulate from coolant or water and to provide clean surface machining. Manufacturers generally consider a filter that can remove particles down to 5µm or 10µm in size. However, many applications produce smaller particles and could benefit from using a higher quality filter with a rating of 3µm or better.

Ankok’s wire EDM filters and sinker EDM filters has high and stable filtration performance which can remove contaminants from the dielectric fluid. It keeps the fluid sparkling clean and prevents costly machine damage. Thus, having our EDM filter directly impacts the performance and efficiency of your EDM machines, resulting in less downtime, reduced maintenance costs and increased production.

8 reasons to choose EDM filter by Ankok

  1. We offer our customers, quality products and customised solutions as per their requirements
  2. Our first priority is our client satisfaction
  3. Competitive pricing structure is what we follow
  4. We believe in transparent dealings
  5. Our strength is our talented and dedicated workforce
  6. We are always improving
  7. Our fine quality and workmanship are also certified by external parties
  8. We offer over 100 types of filters and 1000 spare parts

Ankok is the partner of choice as we enable high performance EDM filters for wire cutting, spark erosion, household filtration, and other applications. In parts production, we strengthen so many well-known EDM machine manufacturers and home water filtration industry.

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