A Single Source To Your Filtration Needs – Wire EDM Filter Supplier

With more than a decade’s experience as wire EDM filter suppliers, Ankok specialises in the sale of filters for wire electrical discharge machines (WEDM).

Wire EDM filters specialising in wire cut EDM processing mainly consists of filter paper and metal mesh. The quality of filter paper determines the filtration accuracy and service life.

Do you know that EDM filters keep your technology clean and in good working order, even after long periods? By lubricating the system and removing waste and harmful residues, filters save energy, cut costs, and increase productivity and efficiency.

However, it is important to regularly change your wire EDM machine filters because they are continuously put through their paces and, over time, the waste and dirt that build up can compromise their effectiveness.

Ankok brand wire EDM filters adopts great quality filter paper with fibre for different processing condition and cutting materials.

In the EDM world, the variety of materials machined has increased. Three micron, five micron, and ten micron filtration requirements have emerged.  We have developed most type of OEM filter media to answer to the challenges of EDM process on specific materials with new styles of Sodick EDM Filters, Mitsubishi EDM filters, Fanuc EDM filters, and Charmilles EDM filters.

Looking for EDM advice and sales you can count on? Ankok Wire EDM filter suppliers are trusted source for all things EDM. Our superior service and customer care is what truly sets us apart.  Our mission is to always provide unparalleled customer care and service in a one-stop-shop for EDM filter supplies and accessories.

The EDM consumables market is larger than just filters of course. But Ankok has stay focused on the filtration requirements of wire EDMs.  We continue to design, manufacture and supply lower cost EDM filters that provide exceptional deionized water cleanliness and service life equivalent to the best original equipment filters.

We supply a large variety of EDM wear parts and consumables for most EDM machines including the following brands:


Contact us for a quote and include the product code of the filter you are interested in for more information. We are here to answer any questions or meet any special requests you may have.

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