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EDM filters are a necessary component of the EDM machining process. Particles and contaminants can travel into other parts of the EDM equipment and hinder the production process. Choosing the correct filter for your EDM machine will help prevent particle contamination and enhance the performance and longevity of your equipment. Ankok is one of the leading EDM filter suppliers from China.

We understand that having the right style, material, and quality standards of filters is critical for high-performance EDM production. Thus we supply EDM filters for all makes and models of EDMs in high-quality and at competitive prices. Ankok is your solution.

Since the beginning drilling machines, we have participated with great success in the continuing development of the technology and the associated improvement in the area of Electronic Drilling Machine consumables and spare parts. And the results are outstanding – increase in productivity, 40 percent shorter machine run time and low cost of production.

Low-cost EDM filters may be appealing in the short term, but in actuality they can end up being very costly. That’s because consumables significantly impact machine efficiency and longevity.

Ankok EDM Filters offer a high performance and components for wire and cavity sinking EDM machines and the respective accessories


  • EDM/Wire cutting machines for high machining speeds , finest surface finishes ,improves accuracy of work pieces , extended use of ionizing resin , less wear on moving machine parts
  • Frame – Fabricated from Stainless steel Sheets, MS, GI or other can be also provided against specific requirement.
  • Media – Water filtration paper having porosity of 3 to 10 micron.

For example: EDM Filter Cartridges for MAKINO

  • Item No.: A-23
  • Dimensions: Ø 260 x 280 mm
  • Centre tube connection: Ø 46 mm
  • Filter fineness: 5 – 7 μm
  • For use in WEDM of: MAKINO
  • Equivalent Products: H 26 644/20, SW-23A

However customer need to understand that to prevent damage to the machine or further degradation in quality, there are a few qualities to consider when purchasing a filter.

  • Type of Material
  • Flow Rate
  • Filter Construction
  • Services Provided

Trust Ankok for our support and services as we continue to operate uninterrupted across all regions and locations, internationally as a trusted EDM filter suppliers.

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