You buy and use EDM filters, you should know how to use wire EDM filter correctly. Here, David will show you the matters need attention in use of water filters for EDM.

ANKOK-FILTER has maximum filtration performance with 5 micron, all ANKOK-FILTER are made of Japan made filtering paper and glue. Therefore you are on the safe side with sinker EDM filters from ANKOK.

Factors that affect the service life of the filter

1/ if you use only one cavity EDM filter in you EDM, its service life won’t be too long, we suggest you to choose 10 micron ones for a normal using life.

2/ when your machine is cutting special material(tungsten steel, alloy steel, finished steel), aluminum, copper, chromium, etc., filters’ service life will also be shorter compared to the ones used in machines cut normal materials.

3/ there are great differences in service life between wire cut EDM filters used in machines do a rough cutting and a precise cutting.

4/ service life also be influenced after you clean the EDM.

5/ if you use regenerating resin in your EDM, that will do great harm to the service life of oil filters for sinker EDM.

6/ different types of filters has different service life, IN/EX pressure type filters have longer using life than the IN or EX pressure ones.

7/ when you replace a filter element for your EDM, you must replace the working fluid too, or it will shorten the new filter’s service life.

Solutions for problems in filter using process

1/ In the first few days when you place a new filter in the EDM, the working fluid may be cloudy or appear mild foam, that’s a normal phenomenon, just ignore it, the fluid will be back to normal situation after two or three days.

2/ the pressure will be to the EDM filters highest pressure after few days use, you just take the die sinker EDM filter out, waiting for sometime, the pressure will be back to normal.

ANKOK suggest you to put the new water filters for EDM soak in the working fluid for few hours, before you use the EDM for high pressure cutting. This will help you extend the filters using life.

ANKOK, we produce EDM filter. We know what we do well, and how we could do it better. We offer our users filters with long service life and stable filtering performance. Our hope is bring users better quality and lower price. Looking forward to your enquiry.

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