In mold industry, machining accuracy is everything. Though there are differences between different brands of wire EDM machines and sinker EDM machines, but the gap is insignificant. In the global market of WEDM machines, the following brands are used at most. AGIE/CHARMILLES, SODICK, MITSUBISHI, FANUC, JAPAX, HITACHI, SEIBU, BROTHER, MAKINO, CHMER, etc. People spend a large amount of money to buy these advanced machines to improve their product quality, they must want to keep their machines at a very good working condition all the time. As an important replacement of the EDM machines, the wire EDM filter shows its importance to the expensive machine. How to choose a good EDM filter also become a question to much users. This article will show you the ways to discern a good sinker EDM filter.

1/ Dimensions.

Since the wire cut EDM filter is as a replacement for the machine, so their dimensions depend on the original machine filter. For example, ANKOK-FILTER A-19 is for SODICK EDM machine use, its size is 340*46*300, the same size as the original, perfect match. So when you choose a replacement filter, size is the first issue.

2/ Filtering Precision.

The precision of a wire cut EDM filter determines the machining accuracy of the workpiece, so when you purchase the cavity EDM filters, precision is another important thing you should consider. ANKOK-FILTER use Japan and Germany made filtering paper, maximum filtration performance with 3-5 micron. Sounds good, right?

3/ Service Life.

Simply speaking, the filtering precision defines the filters’ service life. So ANKOK-FILTER, 5 micron, can make your satisfied.

4/ Pressure Stability.

If a wire EDM filter can’t handle high pressure, it won’t be used on machines like MITSUBISHI MV1200S. ANKOK-FILTER also use Japan and Germany made glue as the material, this ensures the filter great pressure stability, on the other side, the great pressure stability also defines the service life of a die sinker EDM filter.

ANKOK is a development partner and series supplier to leading manufacturers of EDM machines. Our expertise ensures that products are perfectly matched to the respective application. This means our filters achieve the required filtration result and process reliability independent of whether the filtration is for the dielectric fluid in a wire EDM or cavity sinking EDM machine. Therefore you are on the safe side with EDM filters from ANKOK.

ANKOK cares what you cares, ANKOK-FILTER, the EDM filter you can rely on! Contact us today, make a better choice for your EDM.

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