In EDM filters area, there 2 point users always care, they are filter precision and using life.

As a leading filter replacement supplier in EDM industry, ANKOK always keep trying to improve its quality, we care what users care.

Filter Precision

With years of EDM filter manufacturing experience, we keep sourcing the perfect filter paper. After thousand times testing, now, we work with H&V, Hollingsworth & Vose, the leading global manufacturer of advanced materials for filtration, battery, and industrial applications. The H&V 3-5micron filter paper for EDM can perfectly provide you incredible filter precision, you will miss nothing when your EDM machine is working. In the meantime, a good precision will surely leads to good products, whatever you are in car mold industry or else.

Using Life

There are many reasons affects EDM filter using life, such as filter glue, paper quality, filter mesh design, filter cap planeness, etc. Nowadays, ANKOK use circumvolute mesh instead of welded ones, this will provide us a perfect mesh roundness and this change will help us make mesh perfectly match the cap. What’s more, we have make great efforts to make sure all ANKOK EDM filter cap is flat, and before assembling, we will polish every cap to help make the glue can better work.

Now we can tell you that if you are in the market for a better EDM filter replacement, ANKOK is the one you are looking for. ANKOK can surely provide you stable performance EDM filters in a very short time. We will try our very best to match your requests. Now pls grab your phone or just send us an email, we are online 24/7.


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