Do You Require A Wire EDM Filter? Let Us Know

Ankok has carved a niche as the known manufacturer, wholesale trader, and exporter of the wide range of wire EDM filters for Agie, Charmilles, Mitsubishi and many other brands. Apart from these we also provide technical support services. Our products stands high in terms of quality and varied others features such as easy installation, energy efficient, reliable, durable, corrosion resistant and many more. We conduct stringent tests while purchasing the products, so that customers are served with nothing less than the best.

We are pleased to have a highly committed and qualified team of experts, who possess extensive industrial expertise and proficiency. Our team consists of quality analysts, procurement agents, research and development (r&d) personnel, warehouse personnel and other qualified, semi-qualified and unskilled personnel. Our professionals are regularly trained and carry out their duties in close coordination with one another, ensuring that their actions will contribute to the overall success of the organization. Our personnel are positively motivated and require minimal supervision.

More reasons to choose us for your wire EDM filter needs:

We use wire EDM filters to filter water, so the precision of the filter paper is the main factor in the quality of our wire EDM filters. Our filters use a filter paper that can give you a good amount of precision, and because of the 5 micron precision, the filters will last longer compared to other products. Glue is another key factor in a good wire filter. When the filters are in use, the pressure outside or inside is really high, so if the glue isn’t good, you’ll get a “broken filter” when you’re in high pressure.

Service Life
A good wire EDM filter can be used more than 400 hours. This is fully dependent on the filter’s material. Ankok’s strict material selection system will give our customers a good choice.

Unit Price
Price is an eternal topic in business. A good filter could have a competitive price, but a low price filter may not have a good quality. Our wire EDM filter is reasonably priced with high quality.

With the combination of short-term and long-term strategies, we offer the best in productivity and reliability so that we can deliver what you need when you need it. Connect with us.

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