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Wire Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) is one of the most powerful and precise methods of cutting within the manufacturing industry.

The filtration system for wire EDM machines can be either disposable or regenerative. Disposable filtration system use disposable EDM filter cartridges or bags to trap the debris from the dielectric fluid and replace them when they are full. It offers simple operation, low initial cost, and easy disposal. However, they also have high operating cost, high waste generation, and low filtration efficiency. On the other hand, regenerative filtration system uses reusable EDM filter or media to trap the debris from the dielectric fluid and regenerate them by backwashing or cleaning. This system offer high filtration efficiency, low operating cost, and low waste generation. However, they also have high initial cost, complex operation, and difficult disposal.

Irrespective of the filtration process, precision accuracy, and high-quality results, the process can – and often does – come with its own problems, such as EDM filter clogging.

Experienced users agree that a filter is essential for fast and high-quality cutting. Manufacturers generally consider a filter that can remove particles down to 5µm or 10µm in size. However, After a period of working, the EDM filters normally will be blocked.

The dielectric fluid and filtration system are responsible for removing the debris and heat from the cutting zone. The dielectric fluid and filtration system consist of a tank, a pump, filters, a nozzle, and a chiller that work together to ensure the dielectric fluid is clean, cool, and circulated. The dielectric fluid and filtration system affect the cutting efficiency, quality, and safety of wire EDM machining.

Contaminated or dirty dielectric fluid can negatively affect the Electrical Discharge Machining process causing problems such as slower cutting speeds, metal removal rate and lower quality and rejected parts that fail quality control. Without proper filtration methods, particulates can deposit over time and accumulate within imperative parts of the machine and begin to interfere with its ability.

With advancements in machine ability, it’s important to ensure that the machine’s systems are equally efficient, particularly it’s fluid management and EDM filter efficiency.

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