EDM Filter Manufacturers Recommendations For Filter Selection

After a period of working, the EDM filters normally will be blocked. At this time, a serious problem that is placed before the machine owners: how to choose a good replacement filter for their valuable machines. In this article, Ankok EDM filter manufacturers will give you a detailed answer.

The practical benefits of using EDMs are many. For instance, they are used to make tools for producing tooth brush handles. Likewise, the tool for making the small ridges around the edge of coins is produced using an EDM.

In a more industrial context, the individual blades inside turbines are also produced using an EDM. This requires a very high level of precision, so extremely fine filters are needed. Even the smallest of deviations from the design can impede the turbine’s rotation, and if you think how fast a turbine rotates, you can imagine the consequences of any flaws.

It is therefore essential that the machine fluid does not contain any impurities, which is where our EDM filters come in. Most of EDM filter users or merchants are mainly considering filter’s unit price. But a filter is good or not, not only depends on the unit price, but also the following aspects.


EDM filters are used to filter the water. So the precision of filtration paper is the key point to the quality. Ankok filter adopt filtration paper that can supply its users a good precision, and due to the 5 Micron precision, filters’ service life will also be longer compared to similar products.

Service Life

A good EDM filter can be used more than 400 hours. This is fully dependent on the filter’s material. Ankok EDM filter manufacturers’ strict material selection system will give all its customers a good choice in terms of service life.

Unit Price

Price is an eternal topic in business. A good filter could have a competitive price, but a low price filter may not have a good quality. Ankok filter will supply reasonable and competitive price which is also dependent on a high quality.

Machine Type

Compared to filters which are used on suspended type machines, the service life of filters used on immersion type machines is short.

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