EDM Machine Parts Supplier Recommends 5 Maintenance Tips

You will inevitably encounter some failures when processing wire EDM machine. When the machine breaks down, you need to take a few minutes to relax and follow the maintenance steps below before reaching out to your EDM machine parts suppliers.

The wire EDM machine repairs first externally and then internally
Generally the faults outside the system are mainly caused by problems with detection switches, hydraulic components, pneumatic components, electrical actuators, and mechanical devices, which are easier to detect and fix.

The maintenance of the EDM wire machine is first mechanical and then electrical
Mechanical faults can be found quickly, while the electrical faults are relatively more complex.

The wire cutting machine maintenance is first static and then dynamic
If a catastrophic failure occurs after power-on, the danger must be eliminated before power-on. When the machine is in a static state; understand, observe, test, and analysis to confirm that after power-on it will not cause the expansion of the fault and the accidently energise the WEDM.

First simple and then complex maintenance of the wire cutting machine
When you solve the easy problems first, you are able to tackle the more complex problems more easily.

Lastly the regular maintenance principle your trusted EDM machine parts supplier
A regular cleaning of the dust inside the electrical cabinet, including the dust on the power resistor, and especially the dust on the bridge stack should be performed after every use of the EDM drilling machine.

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