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We are EDM parts suppliers which are used on Wire cut Electric Discharge Machines.

Electrical Discharge Machines (EDMs) have emerged as one of the most popular subtractive manufacturing techniques for cutting precision components. Two of the most prominent methods in EDM currently in use are Die-sinking and Wire-cutting. Both of these processes are now commonly employed for demanding applications. In many cases, EDM is the only viable option for machining complex parts in high-performance hard materials, which are commonly employed in high-tech industries such as medical devices and aerospace.

Thus companies are always on the lookout for good EDM parts suppliers. Engineers and buyers are well-versed in the limitations of the real world when it comes to design which can be largely eliminated through quality EDM components and accessories. However, sourcing quality EDM parts is not as straightforward as it may appear. There are numerous elements that must be taken into account from the time of sourcing to the time of production to the time of shipment, some of which are not immediately apparent. Quality assurance is an essential component of this process. To achieve true quality, it is essential to take a holistic approach in which all components of the business contribute to the quality of the product, even if it is not immediately apparent. We are dedicated to providing only the highest quality EDM components to our customers. We are EDM parts suppliers for:

  • Sodick EDM Machine Wear and Spare parts
  • Agie EDM Machine Wear and Spare parts
  • Charmilles EDM Machine Wear and Spare parts
  • Makino EDM Machine Wear and Spare parts
  • Fanuc EDM Machine Wear and Spare parts
  • Mitsubishi EDM Machine Wear and Spare Parts

* Don’t see the Machine Wear Part, Filter or Raw Material you need for your Wire, Sinker or Driller EDM contact our sales staff directly.

In order to develop the domestic and foreign markets, Ankok upholds the business philosophy of stable product performance and excellent quality, and invites agents and franchisees.

As a renowned EDM parts supplier, we provide customers with the best value products and the most thoughtful service as it’s our management philosophy – Create the future!


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