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Due to the unbeatable accuracy in cutting complex shapes that wire EDM provides, it’s possible to create complex designs based on customer demands.

When you purchase EDM parts, you want good quality for the right price — and pieces that will work seamlessly with your machine. Ankok offers Mitsubishi EDM parts, so whatever you’re looking for, we’ve got it. We offer high quality EDM wires in both brass and coated that have been tested extensively for quality and reliability. We also can supply Wire and Sinker EDM filters, power feed contacts, consumables wear parts and resin services for bottles and virgin resin for all Wire EDM brands.

We are responsible for selling and servicing the popular EDM machines parts with the Mitsubishi EDM brand, but also sell and services many other types of advanced machining solutions of other major brands.

Message from our CEO’s desk: “We want people to know that we sell advanced technology. We are a solutions provider, our product range is vast, and we can really work with customers on finding the tool that best fits their manufacturing needs. We specialise is manufacturing and supplying Mitsubishi EDM parts

Our guides fit the production needs of all machine shops – shops with short production runs where job specifications are unpredictable, affordable and conventional and for shops manufacturing specialty parts for long periods of time and are completely customizable.

When given the opportunity to choose between our services and those of our competitors, a significant number of companies have opted to entrust us with the procurement of Mitsubishi EDM parts. This is due to the fact that we are a supply chain management firm, rather than a traditional parts distributor. Our services eliminate the administrative burden of parts procurement, allowing you to dedicate your resources to other areas. Our value added processes encompass design, implementation, control, tracking, and delivery.

In addition, we can get your product on the market much faster than your competitors, and we know that the final product must meet your exact specifications, especially when you need to meet national and global standards. We are an emerging organization that is engaged in manufacturing, trading and supplying a wide assortment of quality assured Mitsubishi EDM Parts.

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