High Quality Wire EDM Filters Make The Difference In Machine Performance

The main role of wire EDM filter is to filter out mechanical impurities from the dielectric fluid to maintain the quality of the EDM machines’ working process and to further protect the machine from untimely wear and tear and blockages.

What happens if the filtration is poor?

  • Poor filtration can cause further significant long term maintenance problems for the EDM machine.
  • If the wire EDM filter gets too dirty, some materials will start to rust in the tank, and surface finish may deteriorate.
  • resin life span is also significantly reduced in cases where poor filtration
  • Dirty dielectric fluid negatively affects the cut speed (metal removal rate) as well as the part quality during electrical discharge machining.
  • Without proper filtration, over time particulates can deposit themselves and accumulate onto other important parts of the machine and begin to slow process productivity,

Because filters play such an important role in optimizing wire EDM, it is important to use a reliable product. Not only do filters need to be the correct physical size and media size, they must be properly constructed to handle the large amounts of sludge that is generated and to keep the EDM particles from being sent back into the cutting zone.

Thus Ankok offers customised solutions to every customer. We do production till packaging as per your requirement and approval. We assure you of our quality, manufacturing and delivery procedures without any nasty surprises.

Ankok is a global enterprise specialized in providing superior EDM spare parts and consumables. Our manufacturing unit in China develops high-performance products with Innovative technologies, comprehensive research and development, reliable solutions and cooperation from our clients.

The advantages of Ankok

  • High-tech production facility
  • Representation of high level brands
  • Close to the customer
  • Extensive quality control
  • High-tech production facility
  • Ankok has in-house production facilities for wire EDM filters

In addition to versatile standard products we also our worldwide network and a solution-oriented approach are decisive factors for our success.

We are proud of the craftsmanship put into our wire EDM filter and the resulting quality levels that we offer our customers.

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