Learn The Importance Of Maintenance Of WEDM From Experienced Wire EDM Filter Supplier

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What is the working principle of wire cut EDM filter in low speed wire cut EDM?

Apart from filtering and purification WEDM filter is also known for decontamination of WEDM and the EDM filter valve. It is an indispensable device to filter the mechanical impurities of the filtering media to protect the EDM from wear, tear and block. Its best to keep wire EDM filter in good maintenance and it can help you effectively save cost and increase productivity. And in order to do this the machine it must be maintained.

While the type and interval of maintenance varies by the make and model of a machine, there are many common wire EDM maintenance items that need to be performed. From experience as a wire EDM filter supplier we list a few suggestions:

  • Exchanging the wire spool seems intuitive because it is required for normal WEDM operation.
  • The wire collection bin that holds the used wire must be emptied at regular intervals.
  • Since coated wires are dirtier, they require the machine to be maintained more frequently.

The main EDM filters purify the water and remove the debris that is created during machining to maintain stable EDM production. There are four different filter types, which are determined by the direction of water flow. Inside-out filters are larger in size and sit inside the machine. These are usually quicker with less mess, but require the water to be evacuated from the machine first. Outside-in filtration can be a bit messier and is located in a pressurized canister on the machine. Paper media provides adequate performance with lower cost, while synthetic media provides longer filter life and enhanced filter performance at a higher cost.

With this in mind and other services that we provide, it’s not surprising that well-known customers in all regions of the world choose us as their trusted Wire EDM filter suppliers.

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