The EDM Filter That Automotive Industry Requires

Do you know, one of the reasons that cars have come on in leaps and bounds in recent years is down to the influence of EDM?

Wire EDM provides full customization and shorter production cycle, therefore improving the efficiency and cost of materials. Usage of automotive mold parts opened possibilities for the industry to be able to use metals that cannot be welded easily by traditional machinery.

In recent years, EDM technology has enabled a higher surface finish quality of the parts produced. This is due to improvements in the process and machine, including improved filtration of the dielectric fluid with quality EDM filter.

The dielectric fluid has several tasks to manage during the erosion process. It insulates the work piece from the tool (electrode), provides the necessary cooling during the machining process, and flushes away the removed metal from the erosion gap. If the finish quality of the work piece deteriorates, the reasons are usually that either the purity level of the dielectric fluid has gone down due to insufficient filtration or the quality of the EDM filter is not up to the mark.

EDM filters from Ankok are specially tailored to customer requirements and it impresses with excellent dirt holding capacity, corrosion resistance and very long service life. They are mounted directly in the machines, reducing wear and tear and reducing downtime. They are able to deliver clean dielectric fluid from the start of operations, while also providing longer service life in comparison to many EDM filters available in the market.

The selection of efficiency for EDM filters will make it easier for you to select the right filter for your respective requirements. Just email us your EDM parts number with the required EDM filter specifications and we will send you a quote.

EDM is also an ally for automakers during the prototyping phase, as it means they can more easily create components from designs cooked up by engineers, and can thus justify pursuing innovations rather than having to play it safe because of concerns over cost. Let not low qualities EDM filter stop your innovation.

Connect with us as we are happy to discuss your project and demonstrate how our EDM filters can benefit your manufacturing requirements.

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