The Most Reliable EDM Filter Suppliers To The World-Wide Market

Ankok is a technical leader in the manufacturing and supply of highly efficient EDM filter & water filter. Our high performance EDM filters are produced in China with developed operations, efficiency and performance for all types of EDM machines. We are EDM filter supplies and distributors to the world-wide market.

To maintain high speed and stable WEDM, the key is to design a set of wire cutting EDM filters that can adapt to high speed wire cutting and process a large amount of metal powder generated while processing in time. A large number of studies have shown that if the metal powder cannot be filtered out on time, the working fluid will quickly lose on the ability of high speed wire cutting; while the surface roughness, the dimensional accuracy and processing speed of the work pieces will be affected.

Ankok, is one of the most renowned EDM filter suppliers and is committed to EDM consumables research, development, manufacture and sale with stable strength and advantages. For over so many years, we have continuously expanded at steady speed and always provided the best service – before and after sale.

Rigorous quality control is thoroughly conducted throughout the entire manufacturing processes from warehousing, machining, assembling to quality control.

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We have strict quality control system, detailed attention at each step during the manufacturing process and consistently manufacture high quality products with stringent inspections to ensure that your EDM filter comply with the quality standards. This is the reason we have good reputation in the market. Also our reasonable prices have been increasingly welcomed by worldwide buyers.

Good Service

We understand that EDM filters play an important role in extending the life of EDM machines by protecting the machine from excess particles in the internal components of the machine. A good filter can also save the EDM operator time and money in lessening downtime, lowering maintenance costs, and optimizing usage.

Thus, as a reputed EDM filter suppliers we strive to offer our customers the highest level of service expected, supplying quality products in short lead times, at competitive prices. Also we have good after-sales service and very receptive towards feedbacks.

With enhanced systems in place to accurately control quality, our distribution facilities are always well stocked along with our dedicated staff only a phone call/email away.

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