Why Should You Purchase Only Quality Wire EDM Filters?

When manufacturing medical devices, every feature must be machined perfectly to achieve the quality necessary for hospital or clinical settings.

We always guide our customers to the capability that works best for their needs.

How wire EDM works?

Machining a part using this process involves submerging the work piece into a dielectric fluid, securing it with a machinist vise, and running the wire through it to produce sparks as it passes an electric current.

The electric spark is the cutting tool to cut the material in the desired shape. Additionally, the wire EDM process involves deionized water to control the process and flush away tiny particles removed. This is the reason the quality of Wire EDM filters are very important.

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Wire EDM is a necessary as:

  • It has the ability to cut intricate patterns on conductive materials
  • It ensures that photodiodes and optical fibres components are manufactured with the accuracy required to maintain the transmission of light and data
  • It has become prominent in medical manufacturing by applying its precision to create accurate and intricate components that power modern medical devices

Thus it is necessary to maintain optimal machine performance and ensuring quality wire EDM filter is one of the ways to do so.

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