Wire EDM Consumables Suppliers For Highest Quality Products

Wire Electrical Discharge Machining (Wire EDM for short) can be used where a feature would be difficult or otherwise impossible to achieve using conventional methods, for example, small slot generation, square corners, and complex geometry shapes.

To achieve the ultimate capability and level of productivity from your wire EDM on a consistent, repeatable and reliable basis, regular maintenance is a required task. And sometimes parts are required to be replaced.

With current technology, consumable parts can play a critical role in the overall success of a machine investment.  Always rely on known Wire EDM consumables suppliers to procure consumable parts.

  • As it guarantee the optimal uptime of your machine
  • You get the best results in terms of productivity, accuracy, reliability and you avoid machine downtime, up to 30% on average
  • High availability and fast delivery speed – Normally, we at Ankok can deliver a 20’ FCL order in 7 working days

From concept to finished product we can do it all. As wire EDM consumables supplier are product range is:

EDM Filters

Filters play an important role in getting the most out of a wire EDM. Filters need to be the correct size to achieve adequate flushing pressure, and also must be properly designed to keep EDM particles from being brought back into the cutting zone. Our filters have gone through extensive testing and have been designed to compete with top brand EDM filters. This can make a significant difference in the amount of time spent on filter changes, along with reducing costs.

EDM Wire

Perhaps the most obvious consumable to affect wire EDM performance is the wire itself. To truly maximize cutting performance without wire breakage or sacrifices in accuracy or surface finish, users should select wire based on the manufacturer’s recommendations and procure from known Wire EDM consumables suppliers like Ankok.

Our brass EDM wire allows for fast cutting speed and great accuracy, while our coated wires are excellent for high speed cutting, reducing running time and increases precision.

Our customers demand the highest quality products, and we make sure that’s what you receive.

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