Wire EDM Filter Manufacturer With Best Performance Track Record

Wire EDMs are designed to vaporize material from the electrode and material being cut during the cutting process. The size of these particles will depend on the material of the work piece, the type of wire used, and the power setting. Examples of materials that can be used include micro-grain carbon, tool steel, aluminium, plain brass, and zinc coated wire. However, it is important to note that small particles can be detrimental to the performance of the wire EDM. The perceived cost savings from low-cost filters is actually resulting in bigger expenses by reducing cutting speeds, resulting in low-quality surface finishes, increasing wire breakages and accelerating wear on other machine components.

Ankok is a leading and reliable wire EDM filter manufacturers based in China.

We understand that filters play such an important role in optimizing wire EDM, it is important to use a reliable product. Our manufactured EDM filters are of correct physical size and media size as per the specifications received, and they are properly constructed to handle the large amounts of sludge that is generated and to keep the EDM particles from being sent back into the cutting zone.

Ankok EDM filter can be perfectly used in so many well-known erosion machine manufacturers.

  1. Wire EDM Filter Cartridges for SODICK, SEIBU
    • Item No.: A-02
      Dimensions: Ø 150 x 350 mm
    • Centre tube connection: Ø 33 mm
    • Filter fineness: 5 – 7 μm
    • For use in WEDM of: SEIBU, SODICK
    • Equivalent Products: SW-02
  2. Wire EDM Filter Cartridges for MITSUBISHI, BROTHER
    • Item No.: A-20
    • Dimensions: Ø 300 x 500 mm
    • Centre tube connection: Ø 29 mm
    • Filter fineness: 5 – 7 μm
    • For use in WEDM of: BROTHER, MITSUBISHI
    • Equivalent Products: H 31 967/20, SW-20
  3. Wire EDM Filter Cartridges for SODICK
    • Item No.: A-22
    • Dimensions: Ø 260 x 280 mm
    • Centre tube connection: Ø 37 mm
    • Filter fineness: 5 – 7 μm
    • For use in WEDM of: MAKINO
    • Equivalent Products: SW-23

With Ankok Wire EDM filter manufacturers by your side, you know you are getting long-lasting, quality products that guarantee precision machining, time savings, and reduced costs.

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