Wire EDM Filter Suppliers Recommend 4 Ways To Maintain Efficiency Of The Filters

Ankok offers a complete range of filter cartridges for sink and wire EDM. Selecting the correct filter for your EDM machine is critical for optimum performance and our highly skilled sales engineers are available to help you make the right choice.

To ensure high quality results from the EDM process, operators are required to finely adjust the machining parameters and ensure that high quality materials which are designed for the process are made a priority. Ensuring highly efficient filtration offers a number of benefits including; Higher cutting speeds, high quality surface finish, improved dimensional accuracy, reduced machine wear, stable conductivity, maximising ion exchange resin consumption which all lead to the reduction of maintenance and consumables costs.

For each system, the filters play a very important role in the system. Here, Ankok wire EDM filter supplier emphasises that:

  1. Correct EDM filters are imperative to the efficient and profitable running of EDM machines
  2. Benefits are gained by careful filter selection and use. A common mistake made by EDM owners and operators is choosing the cheapest option for filtration – this is understandable as filters require frequent replacement, but often the impact of a good filter is underappreciated.

As a world-wide wire EDM filter suppliers, we recommend the following factors to maintain efficiency of the filters:

  1. Ensuring the correct flow rate and capacity of the filter is important
  2. The filtration system capacity, the operations being performed by the machine, and the material being eroded all impact the life cycle of the filter
  3. When changing EDM filters, if the previous filter was performing ineffectively then the new filter will have to run through remaining debris initially and so this filter may need changing earlier than expected
  4. Consumables, such as EDM filters, are often an afterthought in the busy environment of an EDM machining company. This should be a priority!

Ankok wire EDM filter suppliers pride in supplying high quality filters to its clients. Our manufacturing unit in China develops high-performance products to meet the highest quality standards and thus reliably protect your machines and applications.

Customers can choose from our extensive selection of over 100 types of filters to suit their needs.
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